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Related Educational Sites

Creditors in Commerce
This web site contains a lot of helpful information that is similar to what is taught on this site. The "Audio" link on the home page has classes taught by Brandon Adams in audio format. Some of the classes are include teachers Gordon Hall and Jack Smith. Explore the site to find a lot of useful information - most of the information is free. Tthe 'Resources' link contains a lot of other helpful resources.

Douglas Riddle on A4V
This web site teaches about A4V (Accepted For Value) which is an alterative means of discharging debts. To enter the site, click on 'ENTER' button and then enter a password of 'methis'.

Law Links

Constitution for the United States the United Sates of America
If you've never read it, you should. You'll be surprised what you learn.

U.S. Code (USC) online
You can access all the federal statutes on this site. The federal income tax code can be found in title 26. Use this link to check the references in our essays.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
This contains the regulations which implement the federal statutes. Use this link to check some of the references in our essays.

Other "freedom loving" web sites with helpful information:

This group seems to have gone further than any other group we currently know about in converting debt into cash. Visit this page to page for more informaiton and for the link to their web site.

Constitution Society
This site contains a wealth of information about the founding of this nation.

Avalon Project
This site contains a wealth of information on historical documents for our nation.

Lost Horizons
This web site contains information relating a very interesting book called "Cracking the Code: The Fascinationg Truth About Taxation In America".

This site a lot of great reference material including access to Bouvier's 1856 Law Dictionary, Webster's 1828 Dictionary, and some interesting articles on attorneys.

Wall Builders
This web site contains very helpful historical information on the founding of ht United States of America.

People's Awareness Coalition (PAC))
This web site contains the information from the the People's Awareness Coalition which has been providing constituional education and political insights since 1998.

Richard Cornforth
This web site contains relating to a book called "Secrets of the Legal Industry" and related material.