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About Freedom Club USA

FCUSA Got Debt?

Are you out of work or tired of your stressful and unfulfilling job?

At this moment, you are entitled to $100,000 to $250,000 for each of the following you have or had:

Freedom Club USA (FCUSA) has worked 7 years with governmental and financial systems to establish a very high level access to process claims for all who have or had any US or Canadian bank loans or have paid federal taxes to the IRS or CRA.

Your award:

  1. Mortgages: $250,000 ea. (1st, 2nd, refinances)
  2. Credit Cards: $100,000 ea. (plus lines of credit)
  3. Auto Loans: $100,000 ea. (current and previous)
  4. Student Loans: $100,000 ea. (plus demand letters)
  5. IRS & CRA Tax: $250,000 (lifetime)


Why am I due an award?

Since bank charters do not allow them to loan their own money, their depositors money nor their credit, you may wonder who funded your own loans. In fact, you did. Upon all our births an account was established in your UPPER CASE name (Strawman) which is the source of funds for all 'loans'. The bank simply acted as a middle man to access your account with the implied permission by your signature on your promissory note.

Instead of providing you these funds for a nominal fee, they made it appear it was their own money they were lending. The courts have gone along with this deception working with the banks. All the money you were forced to pay the bank (under duress if you don't) is considered "conversion" by law and you are due compensation.

FCUSA works on your behalf:

FCUSA works for you using the same financial system in reverse to provide you compensation through an Administrative Remedy claim. Just as you were not aware of your Strawman account funding your loan, neither is the bank CEO aware as we access his Strawman account to compensate you. This is a win-win process. Neither the bank incurs any harm nor does the financial system add any new debt. Thus, your award never needs to be paid back.

How can I share this information?

Once you're a member, you can share the good news and earn $10,000 - $25,000 (10% commission) for each claim from another you refer.

How can I learn more?

Taped Calls
Monday Intro Calls:
Primary: 404-920-6610 PIN 556010# opens at 8:55 PM Eastern. Call begins at 9 PM Eastern.
Backup: 760-569-7676 PIN 208283# opens at 8:30 PM Eastern. (Listen Only)

My experience with the club:

I joined the club in May 2008 and I have learned a great deal as a member. I've discovered how the bankers turned me into a slave to pay back their alleged "loans". The guest speakers on the member calls taught me a lot about asset protection even though I had studied this topic for 8 years before becoming a member. The club has also provided me with a "family" of like minded people to discuss freedom concepts. The club leaders have always displayed the highest level of integrity. If you have any questions about the club, please feel free to contact me at the email address shown below.

Before becoming a FCUSA member I had studied asset protection strategies for about 10 years. I learned from a wide variety of sources and learned to use several different entity types. However, I must say, what I have learned about asset protection from the club is worth way more than my membership costs. The club invites some of the best in the industry to teach the members about various asset protection strategies. The simplest strategy the club has discussed uses a network of LLCs to protect and control assets. LLCs are fairly simple and inexpensive to set up and manage. I have benefited greatly from what I have learned.

Name: Dennis Styles
Ambassador #: 3090
Email: dennis.styles@truthsetsusfree.com
Web: http://www.FreedomClubUSA.com