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Welcome to the Truth Sets Us Free web site. Our goal is to increase the freedom of those in the UNITED STATES through education and practical steps. We also share methods that are designed enhance your personal freedom. We believe that when you discover the truth in a particular area, your freedom in that area will be increased. We want to help you enhance your freedom in both the financial and political areas.

Set Your Own Law

Discover how to set your law to govern your own life, so you can live on your own terms. It includes how to deal with most government intrusions (i.e. IRS). Read more.

Using Entites

A great deal of freedom and privacy can be achieved by properly using entities. Rather than conducting your affairs in the name of the strawman, you can use entities. An entity is a legal fiction that is treated as a person by the legal system. An entity can do almost anything a living soul can do... Read more.

Huge Changes Coming

Based upon a rather extensive investigation of the alternative news sources on the internet, it appear that this year will be a year of huge changes in US society and the world. To read more about these changes, click here.